Randika heads to USA

Randika Cooray was the first and only person with dwarfisn to represent Sri Lanka at the World Dwarf Games in 2009 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She made the county proud by winning a bronze medal in Women’s 100m individual medley.
She will yet again represent Sri Lanka as the only athlete at Michigan, USA from the 3rd-10th of August. Randika is being sponsored by the Alliance Finace and Sri Lanka Tourism Promotional Bureau.
She will be taking part in 100m individual medley, badminton, table tennis and boccia. She will also take part in basketball, football and volleyball.
The World Dwarf Games takes place every 4 years. It began in 1993 and 10 different countries with 165 athletes took part in Chicago, USA. This was hosted by the Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA).
In 2009 twelve different countries took part with over 250 athletes participating. Sri Lanka was represented by Randika. This year the DAAA is expecting over 500 athletes from over 40 different countries in 14 sports categories. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Randika you’re a great inspiration. We’re so proud of you. Whole of Srilanka is proud of you great girl.

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