Sanga Court to be setup

Chief Justice Mohan Peiris says a special Sanga Court (Court for monks) is to be set up for Buddhist monks to appear over any case involving them.
Speaking at an event in Kandy, the Chief Justice said that there is a concentration of cases in Kandy, Anuradhapura and Galle involving monks.
According to the Chief Justice, monks will be required to appear at a ‘Sanga Court’ where the proceedings will be completed within days and not postponed like other court proceedings.
“It will be heard day to day and finished off so that we can turn to the public and say, look we are now delivering,” he said.
Peiris also noted that the government is willing to invest in a better judiciary but they expect a positive return.
“I have been clearly told that they are ready to invest in you but you must give them the return. That is the challenge I have undertaken. That we will deliver. And I know we can deliver,” he said.
The Chief Justice says most judges are of the opinion that a case can be completed within a year instead of dragging it for several years.
He also assured lawyers that there will never be a shortage of cases as they live in a society where people litigate for the smallest issue.
The Chief Justice also noted that the public have a lot of trust in the ‘black court’ and he urged the legal community to respect that trust when carrying out their duties. (Colombo Gazette)