Lankans escape detention

Three Sri Lankans have escaped from a detention center in Sukabumi, Indonesia.
The three Sri Lankans and three Iranians were reported missing when a head count was done on the number of immigrants at the center.
Berita Satu news reported that there were initially 66 illegal immigrants at the location at Selabintana Road, Falkirk village in Sukabumi District but now there are 60.
Chief of Enforcement officer at the Sub Sukabumi Immigration Office, Irfan Sapar Somantri, said that they did not know how the Sri Lankans and Iranians managed to escape undetected.
“We continue to coordinate with the International Organization for Migration or the International Organization for Migration and the Directorate General of Immigration when handling illegal immigrants who are accommodated in Sukabumi, because there are some of those whose relatives died at the scene of a shipwreck,” he added.