Rudd telephones Lankan dad

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has telephoned a Sri Lankan man whose child had died in an asylum boat tragedy this week.
Radio Australia reported that 3 year old Baremithan Balamanaran was among 13 people killed off Java when the asylum boat with over 150 people onboard sank.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called the father of Baremithan, Nadarasa Balamanaran to offer his condolences.
Nadarasa, who currently holds permanent residency in Australia, reached Australia by boat four years ago while his wife and son remained in Sri Lanka, having failed to obtain a visa for family reunification.
According to Radio Australia, Nadarasa Balamanaran works in a factory in Perth and has not slept since Wednesday afternoon after he learned of the death of his son.
Rudd had telephoned the father just when he and his friends were at the Red Cross office in Perth trying to get information on the location of the body of Baremithan.