Dayasiri slams UNP, resigns

UNP Member of Parliament Dayasiri Jayasekera slammed the UNP leadership in a hard-hitting speech made in parliament today and said he will be joining the government to contest the provincial council elections.
Jayasekera hit out at UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe saying he did not leave room for party members to express their opinions freely.
He said that he will be resigning from his seat in parliament and from the UNP to join the government and contest the North Western Provincial Council elections.
Jayasekera had often spoken out against the UNP leader saying he should step down if the party is to regain lost ground.
Earlier in the day he said that he will not be crossing over in parliament from the opposition benches to the government but instead will resign from parliament as he was voted to parliament while contesting for the UNP.
He feels he will not be betraying his supporters if he resigns from parliament. He said that he had done a lot for the party yet the party leadership had failed to recognise that and he feels the UNP cannot be brought back to its old glory days.
Jayasekera said that once he resigns he will be able to seek the support of the public for the post of Chief Minister to the North Western province. (Colombo Gazette)