Vasu to contest with UNF

A new political front was formed today, which includes some government members, with the intention of contesting the upcoming provincial council elections in parts of the central province.
The Up Country National Front (UNF) includes Minister Vasudewa Nanayakkara (NLF), V. Radha Krishnan MP (President, Political Wing UPF), Praba Ganesan MP (President, Democratic People’s Congress), Shanthi Chandrasekaran (President, UPF) and T. Iyathurai (President, Worker’s Liberation Front).
The UNF says it hopes to be a third force in the elections in the Matala and Nuwara Eliya Districts during the elections.
According to the UNF, their main focus will be to address issues faced by the up-country Tamils which includes the Tamil plantation workers.
The Ceylon Workers Congress is the main recognized political party which campaigns for the rights of the up-country Tamils but the UNF feels little is done.
The UNF says it will campaign for the rights of the upcountry Tamils to be included in talks aimed at a political solution, fully implement the 13th amendment to the constitution and for land and housing issues faced by up-country Tamils to be addressed. (Colombo Gazette)