Keheliya says 13A will change

Government spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella says the government will go ahead with making changes to the 13th Amendment to the constitution as planned.
Speaking at an event in Kandy today the Minister said that the 13th Amendment is something forced on Sri Lanka by India through the Indo-Lanka accord.
He said that while the 13th Amendment cannot be completely abolished as the provincial councils system, which is part of that amendment, is now part of Sri Lankan society, some changes need to be made to make it more meaningful.
The Minister said that the 13th Amendment and provincial councils system was introduced to solve the conflict in the north and yet that never happened.
He recalled that there was once an attempt to divide the country and that threat still remains as long as the 13th Amendment is not changed.
“I don’t think the 13th Amendment can be abolished. This is the government position. There are so many views in the Alliance and we respect those views. But we need to have a common approach. So since we cannot abolish the 13th Amendment we need to make changes to it. If not there is no guarantee some may try to use it to divide the country,” he said.
The Minister also accused the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) of attempting to divide the country by refusing to take part in the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) appointed to propose the changes to the 13th Amendment. (Colombo Gazette)