Lankan woman attempts suicide

A Sri Lankan woman Nasreen (name changed), aged about 23, consumed poison in front of her lover’s house in Zakir Hussain Mohalla in Srinivasapur India late on Saturday night, the Times of India reported today. She was admitted to a private hospital and later shifted to the Government Hospital in Srinivasapur, where she is recuperating.
The girl, daughter of a mason from Sri Lanka, went to Kuwait five years ago in search of a job. She worked as a tailor in a garment factory when she met Fayaz Pasha, who was working as a driver.
Police said Nasreen alleged that Fayaz had promised to marry her, but returned to Srinivasapur about a year ago and married a local girl three months ago. He moved out of Srinivasapur and nobody, including his parents, know of his whereabouts, Srinivasapur PSI SLR Reddy said.
Reddy said her visa had expired on Saturday, and she claimed she had no money either to go back to Sri Lanka or Kuwait, and wants to marry Fayaz Pasha and live in Srinivasapur. Since her visa had expired, he brought the matter to the notice of the higher-ups.
Asif Ali Khan, who runs a mobile phone shop in Srinivasapur, said he went to Kuwait 11 years ago, and later arranged for his friend Fayaz Pasha’s visa and got him a job as a driver. He said Fayaz, who was in love with Nasreen, promised he would marry her and both began saving money. Fayaz reportedly bought an Eicher Tempo with the savings, and the jewellery they bought was sent to Fayaz’s house in Srinivasapur. Meanwhile, Fayaz returned to India a year ago on the pretext of his sister’s marriage, but didn’t return to Kuwait.
Nasreen waited for him for a few months, then came down to Srinivasapur in January and met Fayaz and his parents. Fayaz’s parents reportedly assured Nasreen that their marriage would be solemnized soon and that Fayaz would return to Kuwait. She returned to Kuwait, but Fayaz didn’t follow her.
She waited for a few months and came back again to Srinivasapur in May, when she heard that he was already married. She tried to meet his parents, but in vain. She then stayed put at a durgah in Muragmalla in Chintamani taluk and visited Srinivasapur often, but nobody helped her. Finally, she decided to end her life and consumed poison in front of Fayaz’s house, said Asif, who is taking care of things on behalf of Nasreen.
Mulbagal DySP Siddaramaiah said Nasreen is out of danger, and police are on the lookout for Fayaz.