Ramith gets away with fine

The Executive Committee of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board has decided to impose a fine on Sri Lanka ‘A’ team cricketer Ramith Rambukwella over the mid-air incident on a British airways flight recently.
Sri Lanka Cricket said that the Executive Committee has imposed 50% fine of his tour fee while the Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) will also issue a severe warning to him over his behavior.
It was alleged that he had attempted to open the door of the plane while it was some 35,000 feet in the air while he was drunk following a tour to the West Indies recently.
According to the team manager’s report following the incident, the team had boarded British Airways flight BA 2158 from Greneda on the 30th of June to London.
While in mid-air Ramith Rambukwella had tried to use the toilet. Due to the dim lights in the cabin the player has mistakenly tried to open one of the cabin doors thinking it was the toilet door . At that moment certain passengers had brought to his notice that he is trying to access the incorrect door.
At this point the officials of the Sri Lankan team too walked up to the player and directed him the right way. The player apologized profusely to the passengers and to the cabin staff who accepted it in good faith, the team manager said in his report.
British media reported however that he pushed and pulled for up to two minutes at the exterior door on the packed British Airways flight from St Lucia to Gatwick after playing against the West Indies.
A spokesman for the airline had told the British media: “During the flight a man got up and tried to go to the toilet. But instead of going to the toilet he tried to open the aircraft door in mid-flight. The event was linked to an element of alcohol. He explained his mistake and cabin crew accepted it in good faith.” (Colombo Gazette)