Army says allegations malicious

Outgoing Army Commander General Jagath Jayasuriya says the allegations against the army and the country are unfounded and malicious.
Speaking to soldiers at the Security Force Headquarters-East (SFHQ-E) at Welikanda today, Jayasuriya said that during his four-year long tenure, all measures have been put in place to ensure terrorism does not raise its head again in the country.
“In the recent past, overseas-based interested elements have been found, levelling a string of unfounded and malicious allegations against the country and the Army, most of them targeting the President and the Secretary Defence. They were talking of human right violations, said to have been committed by us during humanitarian operations. Fortunately, both President and Secretary Defence firmly stood by us, defeated all conspiracies and defended the good image of the Army right throughout, fearing nobody. That itself was an exceptional courage and a stimulus, received by our organization, which should be gratefully acknowledged by all of us’, the Commander said.
He said that the Sri Lanka Army has by now gained professional standards in all spheres and those who cast negative remarks against the army are now realizing its potential and unlimited capabilities. (Colombo Gazette)


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