Resident kills suspected thief

A suspected thief succumbed to his injuries after being assaulted by a resident of a house he broke into in Moratuwa this morning, the police media unit said.
The police said that the man had forced his way into the house while the family in the house was fast asleep early this morning.
A lady of the house had told the police that she heard screams from her daughter saying a man was in her room.
When she saw the man she called for help and the area residents had rushed to her assistance.
Fearing that the man may attempt to harm her and her daughter she assaulted him using an aluminum pole.
He was then tied and handed over to the police who arrived at the scene.
The man had told the police he went into the house looking for water after he had consumed alcohol.
He said that he had sustained minor injuries after being assaulted and did not require medical attention.
However he suddenly fell ill while in police custody and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.
The police said that the 42 year old man was in jail previously over several crimes. The woman who assaulted him has now been arrested. (Colombo Gazette)


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