Rally for unity in Matara

Following the successful rally held at Greenpath in Colombo in April the “Rally for Unity” announced that it’s second rally will take place in Matara on Sunday.
“Rally for Unity” is a movement formed to show that moderates are strong and united against hate and are committed to promote understanding about the strengths of diversity and unity.
Given the recent spate of hate speech and the marginalization of minority communities in general, the voluntary movement of concerned Sri Lankans from various institutions, professions and industries organized a series of non- partisan, non-violent awareness campaigns and rallies against racist actions and hate-speech in Sri Lanka.
The Matara rally will begin at 11.30am at Beach Park, Matara and the meeting point is the roundabout at the bus stand end.
“We believe that this will empower the silent majority of moderate Sri Lankans to stand up for an inclusive Sri Lanka and we hope that this will be a catalyst for many more similar events and initiatives. We welcome your kind support and assistance at this event,” the organizers said.
The organizers said they look forward to the collaboration of the public in respecting and embracing the diversity of Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)
rally route