Ex cop to probe Rambukwella

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police Lakshman de Silva who is the Manager of the Anti Corruption and Security unit of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, has been assigned to conduct an inquiry into the mid-air incident involving Sri Lanka ‘A’ Team player Ramith Rambukwella.
Sri Lanka Cricket says de Silva has been asked to submit a report within 7 days to the CEO of the cricket board Ashley De Silva.
Ashley De Silva will then forward the report to the Disciplinary Committee for further action, Sri Lanka Cricket said.
The Cricket board said yesterday that the Team Manager Jayantha Seneviratne submitted a report to the CEO on the incident.
According to the report, the Team had boarded British Airways flight BA 2158 from Greneda on the 30th of June to London.
While in mid-air Ramith Rambukwella had tried to use the toilet. Due to the dim lights in the cabin the player has mistakenly tried to open one of the cabin doors thinking it was the toilet door . At that moment certain passengers had brought to his notice that he is trying to access the incorrect door. At this point the officials of the Sri Lankan team too walked up to the player and directed him the right way. The player apologized profusely to the passengers and to the cabin staff who accepted it in good faith, the team manager said in his report.
However the airline had said that the player was drunk when he attempted to open the door at some 35,000 feet in the air.
The Cricket board said that disciplinary action will be taken on the player concerned if found guilty. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How did the airline conclude that he was drunk? Did they check his blood alcohol level? It may be said he was smelling of alcohol or he appeared to be intoxicated, but one cannot term a person drunk unless a medical test was done. In a dimly lit cabin on a night flight it is an easy mistake to make by someone not familiar with the aircraft layout. However an aircraft door is designed so that it can’t be opened when the cabin is pressurized. So there was never a risk!
    This is being blown out of proportion for the wrong reasons.


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