DIG says protesters are rejects

Sabaragamu province Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Lalith Jayasingha says most groups who engage in protests are those rejected by their respective organizations in society.
He says some people including members of the Buddhist clergy want to be in the spotlight in society after being rejected by their respective organizations and it is these people who stage protests.
“Just because someone says to protest the people do not need to protest,” the DIG said at an event in Balangoda.
He recalled that back in the 1988-89 period when a small notice is issued by some groups shops close out of fear.
“I have now heard that in the Balangoda area handbills are being distributed. The small notice has gotten bigger. The handbill is urging support for a protest. This trend we saw before is continuing,” he said.
The DIG urged the people in Balangoda not to fall prey to those who have been rejected by society and are working with a personal political agenda.
“I am not saying this is party politics. This is politics where those rejected by society want to have a place back in society as leaders of some sort,” he said.
He also noted that some claim that they had “saved” the Kuragala sacred area by taking the issue to court.
“I know it was not them but they are trying to show like they are the warriors who saved Kuragala,” he said.
The DIG said he will do all he can to maintain peace in his area under the law and not allow illegal protests from taking place.  (Colombo Gazette) 


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