Umaria: Enjoying the ride to success

As part of the backup band for Bathiya and Santhosh (BnS), Umaria Sinhawansa added a bit of spice to their music.
Now she is not only a soloist but is also part of a new band and to sum it up in her own words “I couldn’t be more content with my life and my achievements in the field”.
Umaria says from the time she joined BnS she has gone through a long rollercoaster journey and she had been able to deal with every situation along the way gracefully.
“I love music. It’s my passion. People in the industry have been very welcoming and encouraging and it’s always wonderful to feel accepted. I have quite a bit of work planned up and I’m eager to start working on these new projects,” she said.
Umaria says she was not taken back by surprise with the enormous success of BnS but she was humbled by her own success during that time.
“BnS deserve all the achievements and success  because of how hardworking and talented they are.  They have done it for 18 years.  And that’s a long time. When I sand my first song ‘Pathu Pem Pathum, with Bathiya I was 14 years old. I was thrilled to be featured on the song with him. So I did not focus  on being popular or how much money I would make out of it.  It was wonderful though because when people accept you and truly appreciate your work there is nothing more that an artiste can ask for,” she said.
Umaria comes from a background of musicians with her past generations including her parents being involved in the industry one way or the other.
However music was not really Umaria’s first choice until she actually got involved with it and reached to pinnacle.
“When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor, then an astronaut, a hotelier and then finally I figured that music was my passion,” she said.
She says, without a doubt, her parents are her biggest inspiration as a musician and in life as a whole.
These days Umaria performs with her new band ‘A-Team’ at Qbaa every Thursday. The band, put together by Anura Siriwardena, consists of 8 members.
As for the talent Sri Lanka has to offer and the advice she can give youngsters, Umaria says Sri Lanka has talent but what’s important is how one presents that talent.
“It’s all about originality. So in that sense we need to work on being unique. But we have excellent talent, no question about that. It’s important to have a level head about life as a whole. I am a very simple person. It takes time to discover one’s self and its crucial that you find who you are and believe in yourself. My parents have always taught me to take in the constructive criticism and improve myself rather than letting the compliments flatter me all the time,” she said.
Umaria is preparing to release a new single to the local market which she says she is ecstatic about.
“I’m working on a few other projects which will definitely be mentioned in my next article,” she said smiling.
Report by Easwaran Rutnam