Public must protect the army

Commander of the Army General Jagath Jayasuriya says the public must protect the soldiers who made sacrifices for the nation.
He made these comments while visiting soldiers at the Abhimansala resort in Anuradhapura today.
General Jagath Jayasuriya during the interaction said that it is the responsibility of the public too to take care of the heroes who have sacrificed their legs and limbs on behalf of the nation. He shared a cup of tea with these inmates talking to them and listing to their concerns, the army media unit said.
Meanwhile, the Commander visited the Udamaluwa (Upper layer) at Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya Anuradhapura were Army troops are engaged in constructing a new Sangaha Vasaya (residential quarters) by the side of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya area. He spoke to the engineers of the Army and inquired into the progress which cost the Army about Rs. 102 milion.
General Jagath Jayasuriya before the end of his itinerary called on incumbents at Merisavatiya and Lanka Ramaya.