Mervyn’s supporters curse Leader

Supporters of Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva broke coconuts at the Muneshwaram Temple in Chilaw today and cursed The Sunday Leader newspaper.
The Minister’s supporters cursed the owner of the publication as well as the Chief Editor and a reporter who had written an article on the Minister and his son recently.
In cursing the newspaper, the supporters of the notorious Minister called on the Gods to pour their wrath against the publication.
The Minister, who is currently in Tanzania as part of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s delegation, had accused the newspaper of repeatedly targeting him and his son through various articles.
The Minister had said that he will not attack the newspaper personally but will instead let the Gods take care of that.
The chief priest of the Muneshwaram Temple had told the Minister’s supporters that the Gods will take action on anyone who does wrong.
Ironically the Minister and his supporters had once protested against the Temple when a mass cattle slaughter was to take place for religious purposes.
The Minister had warned the Temple authorities saying he will not allow cattle slaughter to take place as long as he is in Kelaniya. (Colombo Gazette)
Pictures by Shanika Hemanthi in Chilaw


  1. Well see god have punish him,first of all he have protest against temple,now he have come back to temple ask help from god, this moron minster is a curse for the country,I think who going behind him to curse to the country,today most of the people in Sri Lanka will do anything for packet of rice and bottle of alcohol,internationally we have push to a side be course of like this uneducated house boys who run our country.


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