Government Ministers for 13A

Government Minister Tissa Vitarana says the 13th Amendment to the constitution cannot be defeated in Parliament.
Speaking at a joint press conference with several government members including some Ministers, Vitarana said that the 13th Amendment must be strengthened and not diluted.
He said that if an attempt is made to abolish it then such an attempt will not receive a 2/3rds majority in parliament.
Minister Rajitha Senaratne, who also attended the joint press briefing, said that they will question the Parliament Select Committee if it decides to dilute the 13th Amendment.
Ministers Reginald Cooray, D.E.W Gunasekera and Vasudeva Nanayakara were among those who addressed the press briefing.
Dew Gunasekara said that a common consensus should be achieved by the two leading political parties, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party on arriving at a permanent solution to the national problem.
He has also pointed out the need to decentralize power in order to expand democracy and to make it more meaningful.
Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that the people in the north should be given the opportunity to elect their public representatives in freedom.
He also said that the unitary nature of the state should be further consolidated making the provincial council system, more meaningful.