Tamils want devolution says Master

Tamils are against the diluting of powers in the 13th Amendment to the constitution, former LTTE media coordinator and now an SLFP candidate for the Northern Provincial Council elections, Daya Master, said.
Daya Master told the BBC Tamil service that he had conveyed this feeling towards the SLFP when he was interviewed on Saturday as a possible candidate for the elections in September.
He says political parties who are opposed to the 13th Amendment, should look at working with the Tamils instead of going against them.
Daya Master said that during the interview conducted on Saturday of prospective SLFP candidates for the Northern polls, he had given his views on the immediate issues that need to be addressed.
Among those issues, Daya Master said, was the resettlement of all the war displaced people and the return of land owned by the Tamils in the north.