G. Madison IV: Dancing with the Stars

Dancing does not come naturally for everyone, especially when it involves the kind of moves someone like G. Madison IV uses on stage.
Who is G. Madison IV you may ask. Well for those who don’t know him, G. Madison IV has been on stage  as a backup dancer for big names in the music industry like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Chaka Khan, Rihanna and of course his lovely wife Che’Nelle.
Che’Nelle, who was popular in Sri Lanka following the release of her track ‘I fell in love with a DJ’ a few years ago, married G. Madison IV recently.
The two are living a happy married life together and almost complement each other during their performances as Che’Nelle herself is a great dancer.
G. Madison IV says dancing was not, however, his first love. Theater was. But he eventually did takup dancing and has not looked back ever since.
“The moves can be tough or very easy at times. It really depends on the choreographer I’m currently working with. Depending on the specific show at hand, rehearsals can be as long as 8 hours a day for weeks or months at a time. The show has to be perfect and has to feel amazing for not only the audience, but for the performers as well. The truing and the movement has to be second nature in time for the show,” he said.
Dancing on stage for singer Chaka Khan is for G. Madison IV an out of this world experience as she helps the dancers raise their level a notch or two when performing.
“It was a huge huge opportunity to travel and perform for Chaka Khan in these recent years. She is a legend and has helped create such a strong stage presence for us to rise to. Her level of performance is so amazing,” G. Madison IV said.
Another artist G. Madison IV says he had the chance to work with is his wife Che’Nelle. He worked with her on a music video and as creative director/ choreographer for her international tour in 2012.
So how did they meet? G. Madison IV says it was through mutual friends.
“I met my saying through mutual friends. It was during the summer, and a small group of friends got together and invited folks out to a BBQ gathering. It was the best time with friends ever. I met the woman of my dreams and the woman I would one day marry. Life after our marriage is so smooth! We are always there for each other and we actually move faster since marriage. We have always supported each other in our career and otherwise and together we are UNSTOPPABLE!!! My career is stronger and we are fluid in creativity and relationship! We found our balance,” he said.
Asked what kind of tips he can give dancers in Sri Lanka who want to be like him, G. Madison IV says they need to develop their own style.
406846_449841045079306_71747736_n“Learn movements from any and everyone. Master one. Then go learn more and more! And once you leaner the styles that you love, walk away from them and develop your own style of movement, your own feeling and approach to the stage and the performance of YOU,” he said.
G. Madison IV says artists like Tina Turner bring out the passionate stage presence that he loves and wants to create through his movements and talent.
As for her personal life, his brother Rick is a huge inspiration and support system that he says he learns from and builds on.
“We are so close and his professionalism within his business is so powerful. The way he loves his family and supports his friends is how I love to live my life. He is such a leader in business, family and socially. The balance he creates in these places in his life is what I build in my circle of friends and family,” G. Madison IV said.
Report by Easwaran Rutnam