Wimal puts UPFA on notice

Government Minister and leader of the National Freedom Front, Wimal Weerawansa has put the ruling UPFA government on notice saying his party is ready to leave the government, if it must, to push for several powers in the 13th Amendment to the constitution to be removed.
He said that the National Freedom Front wants to see the land and police powers given to the provinces under the 13th Amendment to be removed before elections are held for the Northern Provincial council.
“If we can do that by staying with the government we will do that. If we can do that from outside the government we will do that,” he said.
He warned that if elections are held under the current system it could be dangerous for the future of the country.
Weerawansa also accused the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) of using the government as a hostel by joining and leaving the government as and when they wanted.
He accused the current SLMC leadership of working to the agendas of the international community on the 13th Amendment by opposing the proposed changes to it.
Weerawansa also slammed India of interfering in Sri Lankan affairs and said that if India is going to dictate to Sri Lanka then Sri Lanka should be made part of India. (Colombo Gazette)