Korea happy with Lanka’s progress

Korea says it is impressed by Sri Lanka’s rapid economic development and said that the Sri Lankan economic development shares similarities with Korea’s past.
Paek Il-Hyun, Director General of the International Development Assistance Division of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Korea said that Sri Lanka has made significant economic development in the past few years despite the negative global economy and instability in the international financial markets.
Paek visited Sri Lanka from 13th -15th June 2013 and during his visit he had a meeting with Dr. D.M.S. Batagoda, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury to understand the various development needs of the country and discuss future cooperation between the two countries, the Korean Embassy in Colombo said.
He also visited a number of project sites including the solar power plant and the government complex in Hambantota which are funded by the Korean Government.
Paek  said that as Korea was once a recipient country of foreign development aid, it aims to provide assistance befitting the development priorities and national development programmes of partner countries. He noted that to this end, understanding the needs of the partner country’s development priorities is very important in carrying out the agreed projects between two countries.
He further mentioned that with the efforts of the two countries, the Country Partnership Strategy Plan is currently underway up to year 2016 to support Sri Lanka to achieve balanced and sustainable development in line with its national development programme.
Paek noted that Sri Lankan Government’s efforts on human resource development and capacity building are similar to what Korea did during the ‘70s. He then expressed Korea’s support and expertise on the Sri Lanka’s key development agenda and a keen interest on Sri Lanka’s development road map as laid down in MahindaChintana.
Dr. Batagoda, meanwhile expressed his appreciation and satisfaction on Korea’s current development assistance in Sri Lanka and said that more cooperation could be initiated in many fields between the two countries, the Korean Embassy said. The two parties have agreed to work closely in the field of Development Cooperation in order to successfully carry forward the Country Partnership Strategy. (Colombo Gazette)