Southern fishermen go fishing

Fishermen in the South today decided to go out to sea despite the Department of Meteorology saying that the sea areas off the Western and Southern coasts will be fairly rough at times.
The fishermen said that they are compelled to go fishing in order to make a living despite the risks they face.
The Department of Meteorology had issued weather alerts since last Sunday forcing fishermen to stay away from the sea.
However, one week one, the fishermen say they cannot continue to stay away from fishing as that is the only source of income they have.
The Department of Meteorology said this afternoon that there will be showers or thundershowers at several places in the sea areas off the coast extending from Puttalam to Hambantota via Galle.
It said that winds will be at a Southwesterly direction and speeds will be 30- 40 km/hr. It also said that the speed may increase up to 50 kmph at times in the sea areas off the Western and southern coast.
Over 50 fishermen were killed last weekend when strong winds damaged their boats after they went out to sea unaware of a storm which was about to hit them.
The Department of Meteorology was later blamed for failing to alert the fishermen. (Colombo Gazette)