Dullas questions police on love (Video)

Youth Affairs Minister Dullas Alahapperuma says there is nothing wrong in falling in love and the police have no right to arrest young couples who just hold hands or sit together under an umbrella.
Speaking at an event in Matara today, the Minister said that he had once received a complaint that 80 young couples had been arrested by the Matara police.
“What did they do wrong? They were arrested for going to the beach together, sitting on a bench together or being under a tree, under an umbrella together having a chat. They never even kissed the cheeks. They were not naked. So what is wrong? If they were in front of a school then they should be removed from there,” he said.
The Minister said that in Matara there are rooms for Rs. 400 but these couples can’t afford that so they meet in public places.
However he says those who can afford Rs. 400, including the sons of politicians do the very same thing in a room.
“The children of government members, opposition members and politicians don’t have this problem,” he said.
He said that most politician’s children as well as those of drug dealers and criminals as well as top police officers are in night clubs the whole night.
“Just because a couple is seen under an umbrella at the Bambalapitiya beach, they are taken to the police station and their families are destroyed. We should question the police and the public should question me as the Youth Affairs Minister is it wrong to be in love? If these laws were there before most policemen will not be able to be in the police because they will have a history of being arrested for been seen as a couple somewhere,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)