UN gives all clear for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is no more included in the UN Secretary General’s annual report on children in armed conflict, the office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children and armed conflict said.
The annual report of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict, released yesterday (Wednesday) highlights progress made in 2012 to protect children living in countries affected by conflict.
In the 2011 report released last year Sri Lanka was mentioned but was removed from a list of countries that use children for armed conflict.
The report said that Mali is a new situation covered in the latest reporting period, while Nepal and Sri Lanka are no longer included following the delisting of all parties within their territories in 2012.
“During the previous reporting period, all parties in Nepal and Sri Lanka were delisted after full implementation of their action plans. In 2012, no further violations were recorded by any party in those country situations,” the report said.
The LTTE was among the groups listed in the report previously and following the end of the war the TMVP Karuna faction was also listed. (Colombo Gazette)