Rudrakumar wants ties with India

Former LTTE member and peace negotiator V. Rudrakumar, who is now the self appointed ‘Prime Minister’ of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), says the group wants to have good ties with India.
He says this has been mentioned in a ‘Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter’ released last month by the TGTE in the United States.
“Expressing solidarity with the people of India and to foster peace and security in the Indian Ocean region, Tamil Eelam will forge a special relationship with India,” the Freedom Charter states.
The Tamil Eelam Freedom Charter was drafted by TGTE, after extensive consultation from Tamils worldwide. Large number of Tamils within the island of Sri Lanka also participated. Feedback was received through several meetings around the world and through an online questioner, the TGTE said.
The Declaration was made by Rudrakumaran in Lancaster (Pennsylvania, U.S.A).  The event was attended by several academics, legal luminaries, politicians, political pundits, professionals from around the world and TGTE legislators. A two day International Academic conference, attended by several well-known academics from around the world, was held prior to the proclamation of the Freedom Charter.
Following the proclamation of the freedom charter, Dr. Ramsay Clark, former US Attorney General, Daniel Mayan M.P. from South Sudan (SPLM) and Dr. Nuran Nabi, a Bangladesh freedom fighter, once considered the brain behind the Bangladesh Liberation Movement Mukti Bahini, spoke and reiterated their support for the freedom charter. (Colombo Gazette)