JHU slams India on 13A

The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) has accused India of attempting to directly or indirectly interfere in Sri Lanka’s internal political affairs.
A member of the coalition UPFA government, the JHU critisised the Indian government for exerting pressure on Sri Lanka to implement in full the 13th Amendment to the constitution.
JHU spokesman Nishantha Sri Wanasinghe said that India had failed to do its part under the Rajiv Gandhi – J.R Jayawardena pact and so has no right to now push for the 13th Amendment, which came about as a result of the pact, to be fully implemented.
He recalled that under the Indo – Lanka agreement India was tasked with disarming the LTTE, which it had failed to do.
The JHU spokesman said that the Indian government is now having meetings with Sri Lankan Tamil politicians in an attempt to entice them to support the 13th Amendment.
He recalled that CWC leader Arumugam Thondaman had met the Indian government just last week to discuss the 13th Amendment and there are now reports the Tamil National Alliance will also have a similar meeting in New Delhi.
“India’s actions will draw the ire of the Sri Lankan public. We urge India to stay away from our internal issues. If they have concerns then they should directly discuss it with the Sri Lankan government,” he said.  (Colombo Gazette)