Lanka concerned over Gaza situation

Sri Lanka today informed the UN Human Rights Council it was concerned over the situation in Gaza.
The Sri Lankan delegation at the 23rd session of the UNHRC meeting in Geneva said that Sri Lanka remains steadfast in its unequivocal support to the people and government of  Palestine.
Sri Lanka backs the Palestinian struggle to achieve the right of statehood within a framework of a sovereign, independent, viable and united state of Palestine, coexisting peacefully alongside Israel, the UNHRC was told.
The delegation also said that  Sri Lanka remains concerned about the dire humanitarian situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and the hardship and suffering the Palestinian people continue to endure.
“We are hopeful that the illegal blockade of Gaza will be lifted in line with the Security Council Resolution 1860, which would significantly contribute to its economic growth and the well being of its people,” the Sri Lankan delegation said.
Sri Lanka also urged both parties to exercise restraint in the interest of peace and securing the right to life in the region. (Colombo Gazette)