Government makes proposals on 13A

The government has made some proposals on the 13th Amendment to the constitution, Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said today.
He said that among the proposals made at the Cabinet meeting today is that the right for the President to merge provinces under the 13th Amendment be removed.
“There is a reason for that. Under a unitary state if provinces are merged, for example if all eight provinces are merged a central government will not be required,” the Minister said.
The Minister said that as a government, the time has come to take a decision on the 13th Amendment.
However he said before the government decides it was felt that all political parties should decide on it in parliament.
He recalled that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had proposed a Parliamentary Select Committee to discuss the issue.
The Minister said that the President had also given a commitment that any decision taken by the Parliamentary Select Committee will be accepted by him as the head of state.
However he said the Tamil National Alliance had failed to take part in the Parliamentary Select Committee and this had put the whole process on standstill.
As a result the Minister said the government has now decided to put forward some proposals on the constitutional amendment. (Colombo Gazette)