Probe on Japanese beer advert (Audio)

An investigation has been launched into a Japanese beer advertisement which uses Sigiriya as the backdrop.
National Heritage Minister Jagath Balasuriya said that approval had initially been sought to film Sigiriya for an energy drink.
He said that while approval had been granted to use the Sigiriya backdrop for the energy drink, the company which had obtained the approval used the footage for a beer brand.
The Japanese company had taken footage from the air using a hired helicopter, the Minister said.
He said that provisions are there for legal action to be taken against the company for violating its agreement with the relevant authorities.
The Minister said that the advice of the Attorney General’s Department has also been sought in this regard.
The Sihala Ravaya meanwhile said it will stage a protest outside the Japanese Embassy in Colombo tomorrow against the advertisement.
The monks said they will demand that the Japanese government take action on the advertisement. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear Editor- I am a frequent visitor to Sri Lanka, aq daily reader of your paper on-line and a resident of Japan. I too was quit surprised to see the advert on Japanese TV the other day showing Sigiriya! For the record please note however that this what is being advertised here is not an alcoholic drink but a zero alcohol beverage from the same barely as beer. Technically it is not beer, nor alcoholic. Produced in an attempt to keep people from drinking and driving when they go out to dine.
    sincerely yours,
    Michael A Huffman, Prof.
    Kyoto University

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