Infaas’ Manamali creates a storm

Did he or did he not get married? That was the biggest question on everyone’s mind after images were released of Iraj Weeraratne posing with model Maria Yusefovna Al-Kasas in wedding attire.
Several websites then picked up the images and went to town saying Iraj had married the model and they also posted images of the wedding ceremony with Iraj’s good friend and popular singer Infaas Noordeen.
Well the truth is now out. The pictures were part of a successful publicity campaign for Infaas’ new track ‘Manamali’ produced by Iraj Weeraratne.
The song has broken local music video records on YouTube for the most number of hits within 24 hours of its launch.
“Iraj and I sat down and planned it out, including the colours and finer elements of the music video. We wanted to take a risk. We wanted to do something where the fans will react. That is what we did with my new song and it worked off really well. I am glad our fans took the marketing campaign of the video in the right spirit,” Infaas said.
Infaas has come a long way since he started his music career as a member of the ‘Illnoize’ crew.
Having worked with the likes of Iraj, Krishan and Ranga Dassanayaka, Infaas has been a core part of quality modern Sri Lankan music both as a solo and featured artist.
His popular tracks include J-town Story, Surangana Kirilliye and Mandhira Sandhaluthala. Currently signed with Universal Records and M Entertainment, Infaas’ last album titled “Iraj presents Infaas” has made record sales, delivering the true essence of modern Sri Lankan music to an enormous fan base.
After recording two albums Infaas moved to Australia for seven years to pursue higher studies, during which time he also did a few stints with some Australian musicians.
However he returned home last December to resume his music career in Sri Lanka and was involved in Iraj’s track with RIO ‘Just One Click’ which Infaas says took his personal career to another level.
Infaas is planning a few new projects as a musician and hopes he can help Sri Lanka break boundaries in the music field.
“We see a trend in Sri Lanka where while the whole world is moving forward we move backward. This is common in the music industry and the movie industry. We have the technology and ability to do a lot but yet we are behind.
We must move forward with the world and that is what I want to do,” he said.
Infaas says one rea- son he decided to come back to Sri Lanka was because in Australia the Australians give their artistes priority.
“So I thought we should do the same in Sri Lanka. I came back to use my talents for my country. I felt I can do more in my own country.
But we need the help of this country to promote local music. We want to take Sri Lanka up there,” he said.
Report by Easwaran Rutnam