Prison guards corrupt says Minister

Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Chandrasiri Gajadeera has accused prison guards of being corrupt and assisting inmates to smuggle banned items into prison.
The Minister said that even female prison guards are involved in smuggling drugs, mobile phones and other banned items into prison cells.  He said that investigations have been launched into the activities of some prison guards and legal action will be taken against those found guilty.
The Minister said that a lightning search operation was conducted at the Welikada prison last Sunday and 52 mobile phones were found inside the prison cells. He said that drugs hidden inside the cells were flushed into the toilets by the inmates during the search operation.
The Minister insisted that there is no way that drugs can be smuggled inside the prison without the assistance of prison guards.
“We are looking into this situation very seriously. Some prisoners have control over some cells and they have the support of some prison guards. Earlier it was just male inmates involved in such activities but now even female prisoners are involved,” he said.
His Ministry has now recruited 73 female intelligence officers to monitor the female wards of the prisons in the country.
The Minister said that scanners will be installed at the Welikada prison to search those entering the prison premises while search dogs will also be used to look for hidden drugs.
A scanner has already been installed at the Bogambara prison and tenders have been called to install a scanner at the Welikada prison as well. (Courtesy The Sunday Leader)