Shamistha De Silva: Music is her way of life

For Shamistha De Silva, music is her way of life. She has been singing from the age of 7 and she also plays the cello and piano.
Her voice captivates the audience and now as a member of the group the ‘A – team’ Shamistha is looking at reaching even greater heights.
“The first time I remember singing was in nursery. Round about the time I was 7 years old and my mum noticed that I had an interest in music, a few concerts and discussions later I found myself with my very first baby cello and piano. From that point on I was on a roll! Music was my life and I knew that this is what I wanted to do! It made me to the happiest person in the world – whether it was singing or dancing or acting! The rush of it all was thrilling and unreal,” she said.
Shamistha admits that balancing studies and music was a challenge at such a young age and she did have to face so many sleepless nights.
“Every day after school I would have a rehearsal or music class of some sort, and by the time I get home to do homework I’m tired. Weekends were even more hectic because that’s when we would have the actual shows and all the sleepless nights didn’t help either. I did give more preference to music so keeping up with school was super challenging! But I pulled through,” said a relieved Shamistha.483777_10152653393995276_1547241961_n
The A – team was formed sometime last October by Aruna Siriwardena who Shamistha says is one of her gurus and performing with some of the best singers and musicians in the country including Umaria Sinhawansa, has made it all a life changing experience for her.
“I’ve learned so much in such a short time, and we continue to learn and push boundaries that i didn’t even thing were possible! It’s an amazing band not just musically too. Everyone in it are just the best people in the world,” she said.
Shamistha says she does not try to emulate anyone because she wants to be original with her my singing and performing but she does admire artistes like Beyonce, Jessie J, Alicia Keys, Brian MC Knight and local stars like Aruna, Eshantha Pieris and Umaria.
“I love just getting onstage and singing and dancing away and having an awesome time and getting everyone involved. I think stage presence is a very important thing. We must remember that we make music and perform to people so that they not only enjoy but also relate to the song, lyrics wise or genre wise. So if we just stand and sing without any kind of vibe that we want them to really HEAR us instead of just blankly listening to us we need to PERFORM, be true to the music we make and sing or play with our whole heart and get their attention. We should make the audience feel what we feel while performing,” she adds.
As for her future plans Shamistha says she hopes to make great music and share it with the public and also spread whatever she has to offer to the younger generations and inspire them to come to love music the way she and other dedicated musicians do.
Report by Easwaran Rutnam