Shavendra says freedom came at a price

Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in New York Major General Shavendra Silva says freedom came to Sri Lanka at a very high price.
He told a gathering at an event in New York to commemorate four years since the end of the war in Sri Lanka that one should never forget or stop being grateful for the freedom.
“if you were to go to the front of a school in the morning, you could witness children holding on to the hands of their parents, smiling. But, among this sea of smiles you can see some children alone, with no hand to cling on to. That’s because the parents of these children made the supreme sacrifice, and are already buried on Sri Lankan soil, soil that’s finally peaceful, after nearly three decades of terrorism,” he said.
Also addressing the gathering, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Palitha Kohona said that not everyone is aware that over 21,000 service personnel laid down their lives, and double that number were maimed in the struggle to defend the integrity of the country.
“If it weren’t for the incomparable sacrifices of these brave men and women, we would not have anything to celebrate today”. (Colombo Gazette)