Jaya wants Lanka to return Katchatheevu

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has reiterated that Katchatheevu, the fishing islet has to be retrieved back by India in an endeavour to provide a permanent solution to the problem of Indian fishermen, ANI news reported today.
In a letter to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh today, Jayalalithaa has recalled the various instances in which fishermen were harassed for fishing near Katchatheevu, which is often counted as crossing the Indian borders.
Jayalalithaa in her letter also referred to the case filed by her in the Supreme Court in this regard.
On the issue of safety and security of fishermen, she said that Prime Minister should take urgent steps to retrieve the islet and the surrounding areas from Sri Lanka.
She also submitted to the Prime Minister, an unanimous resolution passed by the State Assembly for retrieval of Katchatheevu.
Katchatheevu is a controversial uninhabited island administered by Sri Lanka. This island was given to Sri Lanka by India in 1974 on a conditional basis. It has a Catholic shrine and has been declared as a sacred area by the government of Sri Lanka.