Moody says Sunrisers ready for IPL playoffs

Moody’s team will head into the IPL playoffs with three victories from their past four matches and the Sunrisers’ head coach has been thrilled with their improvement in the last 10 days.
Hyderabad moved into the top four on the IPL’s points table on Sunday with a five-wicket triumph over reigning champions the Kolkata Knight Riders and Moody argued that match was a perfect dress-rehearsal for the Sunrisers’ maiden playoff appearance in their first-ever season.
“I don’t think the playoffs will be any more pressure than what today was,” Moody said after the win at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium.
“Today was a final for us and if we did not win today we weren’t going to Delhi.
“Our next game is no different from any other game we have played in this tournament as far as I am concerned, every game was important to us and the playoff is no different.
“Our thought process and preparation will not change.”
Moody kept it simple following the win over Kolkata, claiming he just wants to see the Sunrisers continue their improvement.
“We have grown significantly as a group over the past few weeks and I think people that have watched the cricket we have been playing will have seen that,” Moody said.
“As long as we continue to do that it its good and next time we walk out onto the ground it will be a qualifying match and as long as we feel a better unit than last time that is important to me.”
Knight Riders head coach Trevor Bayliss argued that Sunday’s result exemplified his team’s inconsistent season as Kolkata finished seventh overall.
“That game was just about our whole season in a nutshell,” Bayliss said.
“We have had four or five overs with some poor cricket and it cost us dearly in a number of games throughout the season.
“When the pressure was on and it was tight that was when we played our best cricket but in 20 overs you cannot give the opposition five or six overs of bad play and hope to win a lot of games.
“This year that was what we did on more than one occasion.” (Courtesy Ten Sports)