Tamil houses attacked over love

At least 16 houses including 15 belonging to Tamils had been attacked in Tangalle last night over an illicit love affair between a Tamil woman and a Sinhalese man.
The police said that 8 people were arrested over the incident and further investigations are underway.
According to the police a complaint was received last night saying that some houses in Tangalle were under attack.
It was later found that 15 houses belonging to Tamils and one house belonging to a Sinhalese had been attacked.
Investigations had later found that the attack was in retaliation over an attack on the man who had the affair with the Tamil woman.
The police said that the husband of the woman had attacked her illicit lover using a sharp object earlier this week injuring him in the process.
Angered over the incident a mob had attacked the houses last night and damaged property inside three houses.
Two people including a woman were injured in the attack and were admitted to hospital. (Colombo Gazette)