Army calls for war crimes evidence

Army commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya says that Sri Lanka is prepared to conduct investigations on the war crimes alleged to have been committed by the security forces, if the charges are backed with evidence.
State radio today quoted him as saying that preliminary investigations have been conducted through the establishment of two courts on the recommendations  of the commission on lessons learnt and reconciliation and on the channel four accusations.
The army commander said that it has been proven through the evidence presented that all Channel 4 accusations were false.
The investigation reports along with the recommendations of the army commander have been submitted to the secretary of defence.
“However, the Tamil diaspora are engaged in presenting false information regarding the local security forces, for their own survival.  They attempt to portray that Sri Lanka is not a safe country  for the Tamil people. The aim of the diaspora is to remain in foreign lands. If their charges were proven to be false, they will be compelled to return to Sri Lanka,” State radio reported adding that the army commander has requested the overseas Tamil population to visit Sri Lanka and see the real situation by  themselves.