Speed Championship 2013 on 2nd June

The Speed Championship 2013, Round 2 will take place on 2nd June at the Speed Drome, Pannala race track. The qualifying sessions will take place the day before. The races are scheduled to commence by 9.00am and will conclude by 2.00pm.
As in Round 1 many car events are scheduled together with Motor Cycle events and the Formula McLarens 1300 event will have 2 races on the day, where 10 young Novice drivers will be battling it out to gain points for the SLAS Junior National Championship. The youngest group of drivers who were selected from last year All Island Pro Karting Championship organized by Speed Drome will be driving the Formula Mclarens 1300 race cars.
“Entries are now open for the Speed Championship 2013 round 2 and will close on the 27th of May 2013 at the Speed Drome Battaramulla. We are accepting entries from all the SLAS approved classes and will schedule the events accordingly,” said a spokesperson for the joint organizing committee of the Speed Championships 2013.
As the Speed Championship is a jointly organized race meet, The Ceylon Motor Sports Club will organize this Round of the Speed Championship together with the able support of the Asian Motor Racing Club, The Carlton Motor Sports Club and the Negombo Motor Sports Club.