TNA to go to court this week

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will file a case in the High Court this week against the acquisition of civilian land in the North, TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran said.
He said that documents in this regard are being finalized with the civilians whose lands are being taken over by the government.
Concerns had been raised this week over moves by the government to acquire over 6381 acres of privately owned land in the Jaffna peninsula.
The National Peace Council had said this week that it appears to be a hurried plan on the part of the government to acquire large extent of land prior to the establishment of a legitimate and popularly elected civilian administration for the formerly war-stricken Northern Province.
“There is concern in the Northern polity that the purpose of this land acquisition is to change the demographic composition with settlers from outside being registered on the Northern electoral lists.  In Kokilai, Mullaitivu and adjoining villages such as Vannankulam, Uradikulam, Thaddamalaikkulam, Pannaiyandaukulam, Akkaraivelli, Vathamadu, Kamankulam, Amayankulam, there are media reports of 3000 such families being settled,” the National Peace Council said.
It said the government move to take over the land of the war-affected people has caused agitation and panic amongst the thousands of affected people in over 24 villages who continue to be displaced and living in camps who now stand to lose their lands forever and given rise to disaffection amongst the majority of people living in the Northern Province. (Colombo Gazette)