SLMC to decide this week

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) is to take a crucial decision this week with regard to its future with the government.
SLMC General Secretary Hassan Ali said that SLMC Parliamentarians and provincial councilors from the eastern province would take part in the meeting on Tuesday.
He said that the Muslims in the east have been facing several issues over the years and those issues are yet to be resolved.
At Tuesday’s meeting the SLMC will look at exerting pressure on the government to address Muslim concerns.
He said that the SLMC will look at reaching a decision on the action to be taken in the event the government fails to respond to the immediate concerns of the Muslims.
Among the issues faced by the Muslims in the east is the acquisition of over 2,000 acres of land owned by Muslims by government affiliated institutions.
The SLMC will not agree to a committee being appointed to look into the issue and instead will demand immediate action.
“We had raised the land issue with the Lands Minister two years ago but it has yet to be resolved,” the SLMC General Secretary said.
He also charged that Muslims in the east do not enjoy political rights and as such a decisive decision needs to be taken on its future with the government if the situation continues as it is.