Law must be same for all

Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem says the law must be the same for all and cannot be different from person to person.
The Minister said this while speaking at an event in Vavuniya today where he condemned the arrest of Muslim politician Azath Salley.
Hakeem said that according to the police Salley had been arrested on the basis that he had made some comments which could create communal tensions.
However he said if that was so then there were other groups who had done the same and were yet treated differently.
Hakeem said he was disappointed with the actions of the police especially since he was the Minister of Justice.
Meanwhile the police have obtained an order to extend the detention of Salley for further investigations.
Salley’s family has written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa seeking his intervention on the issue as Salley is suffering from poor health. (Colombo Gazette)