Delft Island ferry service resumes

A passenger ferry service between Delft Island and Kurikatuwan in the Jaffana mainland resumed today after a lapse of several years.
The ferry service was launched at a function held in Jaffna with the participation of top officials from the Navy and the Government in the area.
According to reports from Jaffna, the new ferry service was commissioned by the Navy and the Road Development Authority.
The island’s area is 50 km and it is roughly oval-shaped. Its length is 8 km and its maximum width about 6 km.
The island is surrounded by shallow waters and beaches of coral chunks and sand.
The island is home to a small population of Tamil people, mostly living in quiet compounds close to the northern coast.
The vegetation is of a semi-arid tropical type, with palmyra palms, dry shrubs and grasses that grow on the pale grey porous coralline soil.