Special probe on Lankan refugees

Officers from the internal security wing of the Tamil Nadu Police Q Branch were investigating the arrest of 10 Sri Lankan refugees in India, the Express News Service reported.
Aluva East police station SI P A Faisal said that the Q Branch officials had come to the Kerala state on the basis of the report filed by the Kerala Police.
The officials had arrived with the purpose of confirming that the apprehended Sri Lankans were listed in the refugee camps in Tamil Nadu and had no links with any militant groups.
Once the Q Branch officials checked the records and confirmed that the persons had no extremist links, they were taken to the judicial court and remanded in custody for 14 days.
The police said that the agent Ramesh, through whom the arrested persons had arrived here, has still not been traced.
Tamil Nadu police officials said that there were prior instances in which Sri Lankan refugees had managed to illegally migrate to Australia where they were given jobs after their period of imprisonment and surveillance was over.
This has become a systematic operation for a large number of refugees, who usually take the sea route to Australia from one of the coastal towns of India. If they are not apprehended within Indian territorial waters, the refugees, upon landing on Australian soil, surrender before the police there, officials said.
Following the instructions of the shady agents who arrange the trips for them, the refugees serve their term in the Australian prison and then make it through the surveillance period too.
After that, if they get a clean chit, the Australian authorities recommend them for jobs .