MR ready for talks with TNA

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says he is ready to hold talks with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on a political solution, but first they must join the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) on the National issue.
In an interview with the Tamil ‘Suda Oli’ newspaper, the President has said that it is wrong for the TNA to claim that the government is responsible for the talks on a political solution not progressing.
“The doors to talks remain open. Making allegations against the government without accepting reality is pointless,” he said.
The President noted that the Parliamentary system is accepted by all and does not belong to the government and so the TNA has nothing to fear by taking part in the PSC.
Direct talks between the TNA and the government broke down after the TNA refused to agree to the condition put forward by the government that direct talks can only take place parallel to the PSC.
The PSC has remained stalled as the TNA refused to join the process saying it will only agree to direct talks with the government.
India and several other countries have been pushing the government and the TNA to resume direct talks. (Colombo Gazette)