Three countries offered LTTE protection

Three countries had offered the LTTE protection under a deal to end the war during the final stages of the conflict, former LTTE chief arms procurer Kumaran Pathmanathan said.
In an interview with the Maldives newspaper Haveeru, Pathmanathan, better known as KP, said that two African countries and one in Asia offered protection after he communicated with the governments of those countries.
KP said that he pushed LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran to accept the deal but the attempts had failed resulting in the ultimate defeat of the LTTE by the army.
“From 2008 onwards, I passed a message to him that we had to do something. But until Kilinochchi was nearly captured by the government forces, he just ignored it. I then told him that this one was going wrong. He also discussed it with me. He also knew that we had to again go for a ceasefire agreement or something of the sort. But anyhow it was too late. I tried my best to bring peace and stop this war, but it was too late. Some people surrounding him were stubborn and they weren’t listening. But I discussed with the UN and Norway and submitted a proposal to him. The LTTE was to hand over their arms, and in return the top leaders would be transported to a foreign country. It would have ensured the safety of the LTTE leadership,” KP said.
KP says he now regrets being a part of the LTTE and had apologized to the Tamils and the nation.
“I regret many things, and the recruitment of young children as soldiers is one thing. Even inside the LTTE, they tortured many people. After I came here only I was able to meet people and know their wrongdoings. I’m surprised why they did so many mistakes,” he said.
Asked if he had any ambitions to enter politics and contest the upcoming northern polls KP said that he is ready to do what the people want him to do.  (Colombo Gazette)