Rights group to release Sri Lanka report

Amnesty International will launch a new report next week documenting how the Sri Lankan government has allegedly stepped up its crackdown on dissenting views over the past years through threats, harassment, imprisonment and violent attacks.
The document, “Assault on Dissent”, reveals how the government led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa is increasingly equating criticism with treason in a bid to tighten its grip on power, Amnesty International said in a media note today.
It said that journalists, the judiciary, human rights activists and opposition politicians are among those who have been targeted in a disturbing pattern of government-sanctioned abuse, often involving the security forces or their proxies.
The report documents dozens of cases where government critics have been subjected to verbal and physical harassment, attacks and even killings.
Amnesty International is a leading international human rights organisation which has been pushing for an international investigation in Sri Lanka into alleged human rights abuses. (Colombo Gazette)