Less accidents and less crime

The police says it had recorded less accidents and less crime related incidents so far this year as compared to the same period last year.
A statement by the police media unit said that between January 1st last year to March 19 last year there were 748 road accidents while this year there were 591 accidents during the same period.
The police also said that during the same period last year 2160 serious road accident injuries as compared to 1901 injuries this year.
In total, the police said that there were 12139 motor vehicle related accidents between January and April last year as compared to 11691 motor vehicle accidents this year.
The police that a reduction in road accidents this year can be attributed to an efficient traffic police service and a crackdown on drunk driving as well as police awareness campaigns on road safety.
Meanwhile the police also said that there were 219 murders between January 1st last year to March 19 last year while this year the number of murders was recorded at 185. (Colombo Gazette)