MR sees attempt to split the country

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says there are attempts being made by some pro LTTE groups to split the country.
He says these groups have been very active overseas even after the military defeated the LTTE four years ago.
The President said this during the colors presentation of the Army Artillery Regiment at Panagoda this evening.
Speaking here the President hailed the services rendered by the  Army Artillery Regiment during the war against the LTTE.
He said that terrorists are terrorists and one cannot defer from the other or be labelled differently.
The President said that several countries although they are very powerful are still unable to defeat terrorism and they are suffering from the scourges of terrorism, and bombs are being blasted in several towns in the powerful countries. The President said that with dedication and determined efforts terrorism can be defeated and said that he is praying for befall of wisdom on all countries in the world to totally eliminate terrorism.
The President also pointed out that Sri Lanka had silenced the guns of terrorists in 2009 and since then Eelamist’s have realized that they cannot divide the country by the force of weapons. However, terrorist remnants now residing in other countries are resorting to new tactics to divide the country.