Daya Master may contest polls

Former LTTE media coordinator Daya Master may contest elections for the Northern Province in September.
When contacted, Daya Master, who is heading the news division of Dan TV in Jaffna, refused to comment but said he will respond in a few days time.
He said that he has not been approached by any political party to contest for the elections.
However he did not deny rumors that he will run for the elections, which will make him the third  most prominent former LTTE official to enter politics.
Earlier Karuna Amman and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, both former LTTE officials from the East, contested elections under the government ticket.
Daya Master surrendered to the army during the final stages of the war and flayed LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran in media interviews given since then.
Velayutham Dayanidhi, better known as Daya Master, speaking to the BBC in 2010  said the Tamil people had not liked the war and that the conflict was a waste of lives.
In recent interview to the Indian media Daya Master said that Tamil Nadu is trying to develop a conflict in between Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.
He had said that Tamil Nadu had not done any service for the Sri Lankan Tamils while the Dellhi Government had contributed to the development of the North.
He also said that the LTTE fabricated video footage to demonise the Sri Lanka army and distributed them among the international media to gain propaganda advantage.
“The footage used by Channel 4 are those fabricated footage issued by the LTTE,” Daya Master had claimed.
During the war Daya Master coordinated media visits for the Colombo media and international media to LTTE controlled areas and at times acted as the spokesman for the rebels.
He was also given medical attention in Colombo by the government during the conflict on humanitarian grounds and was most often seen as a non-combatant. (Colombo Gazette)